Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Not another beauty blogger!!!!

I've been thinking for a few days about what to do as my first post. I decided maybe a little get to know me would be apropos. So here are a random number of random things about me.
  1. I am a married mother of two with a passion for all things makeup and beauty
  2. I'm 1/2 filipino
  3. I love to eat and definitely don't eat as healthy as i should
  4. I'd rather watch youtube vids than make them myself
  5. You may have guessed it but i am obsessed with makeup and have been since i first beat my mug with it
  6. One thing i love about makeup is there's no right or wrong way to do it! Yeah there are traditional ways of doing it but makeup is about being creative and doing what makes you feel beautiful!
  7. I personally prefer more makeup than no makeup but I don't wear makeup 7 days a week. At least, i don't put my whole face on.
  8. I joined the blogosphere to bring you reviews, tips, tricks, how to's and other beauty related thangs and ways to embrace, enhance and be your beautiful self!
I know there are a literal ton of makeup blogs out there but hopefully i'll catch your interest!
Interested yet?

So stay tuned for tons of tips on how not to look like the above......unless that's what you like, then get on wit yo bad self and do what you want!

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