Friday, August 1, 2014

Brush Cleaning 101

Hey dolls!
Having clean brushes can make a huge difference in the way your makeup applies. Depending on how often I'm putting makeup on, I always try to clean my brushes at least once a week. If I'm putting mah face on frequently, I end up cleaning my brushes,
(especially my face brushes) every few days. Not cleaning your makeup brushes can lead to breakouts and other skin irritation. When we constantly use the same brush over and over without cleaning it, bacteria and oil from our faces get trapped in the hairs and then transfer to our makeup, then back onto our faces!!! 

Gross I know

There are tons of ways to clean your brushes. One of the cheapest ways is to use baby shampoo, but I find that it doesn't clean as well as some other alternatives. It sure does make your brushes smell good though! 

Another more expensive way is to use a brush cleanser like:

It retails for about $15, has good reviews and does the job.

What about the people who don't want to spend 15 bucks on a brush cleanser and would rather spend that hard earned money on stuff to dirty up those brushes?????

Well here's my fav way to get my dirrrrrty brushes clean

What you Need:
Dirty Brushes duh!
Dish soap (any kind, I use the green dawn)
A plate
Slightly damp clean washcloth
Dry clean washcloth

I've been using dish soap to cleanse my brushes for ages and my brushes look as good as the day I bought them!! No damage whatsoever and they are still as soft as can be!! One thing I love about using dish soap is that it gets the makeup "grime" off, but since most dish soaps are also antibacterial you can sleep peacefully knowing that your brushes are squeaky clean! and that there aren't any microbes multiplying in your brushes

What to Do:
Onto the plate, evenly spread enough dish soap to clean your brushes.

 Tilt the plate a little to distribute the soap

Lay the washcloth flat onto the soap.

Wet the brush with warm but not hot water. Hold the brush so the hairs face down. If too much water gets into the ferrule or handle, the glue could dissolve, loosening the bristles, and damaging the brush.

Next, scrub scrub scrub your brushes right on the washcloth. Move the brush back and forth, in circular motions, however your heart desires!

I tend to be a little rough with my brushes when I'm cleaning them to make sure i get them reeeeally clean!

Rinse them really well! Be sure to rinse all the soap out as that can also effect makeup application. 

Brush back and forth, and gently squeeze out any excess water on the dry washcloth

Lay them flat to dry!
I typically wash my brushes in the evening and let them dry overnight.

Enjoy your fresh, good as new, squeaky clean brushes!!

Stay happy!

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